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Service Items:
    1. the pre-sale service:
1, in the office or the user's advice, the first to understand the customer's coating site, the end of the situation, the expected results, to understand the customer's performance requirements of the paint film, corrosion age and the requirements of the coating effect, etc..
2, according to the coating parts of the material and the requirements of the effect, as well as the user's requirements on the product price, recommend suitable coating system, etc.. At the same time, according to the office or the user's needs, prepare samples or technical information.
3, according to the user's coating area, the use of the theory of paint consumption, coating process requirements, the recommendation of the customer's purchase amount of paint.
4, according to the parts of the coating to the situation of the base material processing method, introduced the product needs of the coating process, such as the coating method, coating process, coating time, coating operation matters needing attention, etc..
    2. after sales service:
1, in the construction site to assist technical guidance and quality control, according to the painting field conditions to improve the construction process.
2, in the whole process of painting in guiding the construction personnel to do such as steel surface pretreatment, coating, film thickness and quality as well as the repainting process the link up to the standard, in order to show the best anticorrosive properties of the coating.
3, responsible for the record, the unreasonable place, in a timely manner to your company and the construction side put forward suggestions and improvement methods
Service system:
1, the establishment of a telephone service, at any time to provide customers with services, timely receive customer feedback information (including advice, complaints), referred to the relevant departments to deal with.
2, regular users to pay a return visit, timely communication with the user, to solve the problems encountered in the use of users in a timely manner, the establishment of a complete user files, while the user good advice in a timely manner to the company.
3, after receiving the office or customer service requirements, telephone or fax, in the shortest time to the construction site to find the cause and solve the problem.
Service concept:
Integrity professional careful and win-win
Service from the details of the start
Attentive, attentive service

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