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Weifang City, chairman of the "Mayor Quality Award."


In May, the company through OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification.
In June, the company became the "China Coating Industry Association seventh vice president of the Council unit."
In September, the company was the China Chemical Industry Management Association, China Chemical Information Association as "2011 China's top 500 chemical enterprises."
December, Lok licensing paint, music licensing of architectural coatings was "Shandong famous."


In April, the company launched a new "net taste interior wall paint series" products.
In August, the company won the "national model worker small home" title.
In December, the company passed the cleaner production audit acceptance.


The company was rated as "3A-grade credit enterprise" by China Coating Industry Association.


Paint well-known trademarks in China.


Through the ISO14001 environment system demonstration.


In August, the design production capacity will reach 200,000 tons scale.
In December, "music of card" paint once again won the "national exemption product" title.
2005,2006 in the same industry for two consecutive years in the first paint production and sales.


In March, the company chairman Shen Xiaoye industry was named "national model worker".


In March, the company was named "national contract Shou-credit enterprises."
In August, "Lehua" brand paint, paint through the "3 C" mandatory certification.

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